High School Alumni Association

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Find our High School Alumni Association (Ehemaligenverein des Wirtschaftsgymnasiums Celle, EWGcelle) in our Facebook Community.

What are the targets of the EWG?

  • Networking for alumni, current students and teachers
  • Mutual informing between members about jobs and job-related topics
  • Transferring information to current students
  • Establishing traditions for our school
  • Strengthening our school’s reputation in the region
  • Optimizing relations to the world of work
  • Facilitating sponsorship activities
  • Supporting and strengthening vocational High School education

 Target Groups?

  • Alumni
  • Current students
  • Teachers
  • Supporters and friends of Berufliches Gymnasium Wirtschaft

 Reasons for becoming a member of EWGcelle?

 For alumni

  • You would like to keep contact to other alumni and teachers, you would like to be informed about meetings and invited to events?
  • We need you to inform our current students about your professional careers (apprenticeship, studies, current job position and company)!

For current students

  • You would like to benefit from the networking between other students, alumni and teachers?
  • You would like to be informed by our alumni about their professional careers (apprenticeships, studies, current jobs and companies)?

For teachers

  • It makes you feel good to see how your former students have developed and what they are doing now! For a teacher the EWGcelle is the right choice!
  • You set great value on interesting lessons? Then why don’t you invite alumni to your lesson to inform your students about career opportunities?

For supporters and friends

We highly appreciate your commitment as it is boosting our network.

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