School association

School facilities need to be provided with equipment guaranteeing the high quality of vocational education and the development of students’ interest.

Our school is supported by the local school authorities within a certain financial limit. The school association steps in when there are further or very short dated needs.

Examples of the school association’s support are the purchase of document cameras which have replaced the old overhead projectors and allow teachers and students to project any kind of documents like pictures or tables onto the wall, the purchase of netbooks and colour printers, the support of our school’s “Business-Live” projects and much more.

Different from non-vocational schools our school association mainly consists of companies whose apprentices attend our school.

If you would like to make a small contribution to support our school and thus the education of our students, please subscribe here.

Articles of Association (2)

The association solely and directly wants to serve the support and education of future commercial employees. It wants to support various school interests, especially the application of modern facilities by cooperation of companies, parents, students and teachers of the bbs1celle. Furthermore, it wants to support projects to strengthen classroom solidarity like class trips, guided company tours etc.

We are …

  • the school association of a modern vocational school.
  • students, parents, companies, teachers, who want to support bbs1celle.
  • anxious to open up financial possibilities that complement the limited funding of the school authorities.

We support the school by …

  • subsidizing needy students to partake in guided company tours and class trips.
  • purchasing devices and materials for the classroom that go beyond the adopted budget.
  • making contributions to student farewell ceremonies.
  • funding special school projects (e.g. participation in business games)

How can you help?

  • Subscribe as member.
    • Subscribe for a limited membership if you plan to support our school just for the time of the education.
    • Subscribe for an unlimited membership if you plan to support our school in the long run.
  • Donate money without becoming a member in our association.

Membership fees per year

  • 10 EUR for students, parents and teachers
  • 15 EUR basic fee for the first apprenticeship,
  • 5 EUR for the 2nd to the 29th apprenticeship,
  • 2,50 EUR from the 30th apprenticeship on.

Bank details

Schulverein bbs1celle
Sparkasse Celle
IBAN: DE28 2575 0001 0000 2288 25


A list of our current school association members (August 2017) you can find here.


Information on the board and its current members you can find here.


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